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Cost-Efficient Plumbing Services in Quebec

DDO Drain is known for providing a plethora of plumbing services in the entire West Island, Greater Montreal and Laval. Along with performing excavation and drain cleaning services, we are also available for repair and replacement services. We have been in this line of work since 1998 and are equipped to serve all residential, commercial and industrial properties. You can request free estimates for any repair, replacement and installation requirement. We are happy to provide emergency plumbing solutions.

Enjoy Expert Plumbing Services in Quebec

Do your bathroom pipes need to be repaired or is your hot water tank producing a foul smell? Leave all your plumbing problems to the experts. DDO Drain, Quebec, uses high-quality equipment to provide you with the best service possible. From an emergency faucet repair to pipe replacement, you can contact us any time and hope to receive expert services. We also provide special flood clean up services.

We provide repair and replacement for the following:

Hot water tank

Water main



Garbage disposals

Water closet

Emergency pump

Sum pump

Sinks & faucets

Bathtubs & showers

Looking for Quick and Efficient Plumbing Services?

Get high-quality repair & replacement services at your doorstep.

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