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Are your drains slowing you down?

Let the experts keep your house drains clean and clear of any unwanted waste.

Reliable Plumbing Services in Montreal, QC

We all appreciate neat and clean bathrooms and kitchens where drains, pipes and hot water tanks function seamlessly. We are sure that nobody would want to live in a house where there is malfunctioned water supply or the garbage catch basin doesn’t work.

DDO Drain understands that damaged plumbing not only ruins the physical aesthetics but also creates difficult living situations. We provide our customers with great product lines and amazing services to ensure that they never have to face such unpleasant circumstances. With a wide range of services like drain cleaning, water testing, excavation of water main and sewer, we strive to keep the plumbing of your house healthy and you happy.

Get Plumbing Services All-Day

When have drains and tanks ever thought of your convenience? They give up whenever they want and leave you with nothing but mess and trouble. DDO Drain provides 24/7 emergency services in all of West Island, Greater Montreal and Laval to make sure that you don’t have to face such situations. We are only one phone call away if you need us for any plumbing emergency.

Providing Dependable Plumbing Services Since 1998

DDO Drain was founded in 1998 by a father-son duo, who always made sure to treat their customers like family. Since then, we have been proudly servicing the West Island and the Greater Region of Montreal and surroundings, always delivering great service with a smile.

This is why DDO Drain the first choice in Quebec:

We have been in service since 1998

We provide 24 hours emergency service

We extend services to residential, commercial and industrial properties

We provide free estimates

We offer competitive prices for our products and services

Promotions and Special Offers

10% off for senior citizens

purchase of a water filter and get the 1st year water filter replacement on us

Clogged drains

Tired of Clogged Drains?

Get your drains & sewers repaired instantly by our professional team.


Need Advice on Excavation?

Talk to experts for advice on excavation services for water mains & sewers.


Kitchen & Bathroom Pipes Troubling You?

Experience flawless plumbing with the help of experts.

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